Jane Isabel Limited is a professionally managed HR firm specializing in human resource consulting services and recruitment of top-notch professionals at middle and senior management levels across a broad range of industries.

We provide human resource consulting services in:
1. HR Evaluation
2. Employee Handbook Development
3. HR Strategy Creation
4. HR Record Keeping Development
5. Job Descriptions
6. Recruitment
7. Performance Appraisal
8. Employee Training
9. Employment Contracts
10. Background Checks

Jane Isabel Limited , provides HR consultancy services to UK based clients in the following areas:
▪ Ensuring that company policies are up to date and in line with current employment law
▪ Providing specialist information and guidance to employees and line managers on HR          policies nd practices and employment laws
▪ Managing the annual salary review process for the company
▪ Supporting supervisors to ensure the success of their teams
▪ Overseeing the full recruitment cycle, in particular contract preparation
▪ Promoting equality and diversity in the recruitment process
▪ Ensuring that the correct recruitment and selection procedures are adhered to
▪ Controlling costs and ensuring that they do not exceed budgets
▪ Managing pay-roll operations
▪ Advising on staff promotions
▪ Assisting with day-to-day HR related queries
▪ Conducting interviews and reference checks on job applicants
▪ Keeping up to date with legal developments
▪ Investigating disciplinary and grievance matters
▪ Developing HR policies
▪ Planning and delivering training, including inductions for new staff


HR solutions in:
HR Evaluation
Employee Handbook Development
HR Strategy Creation
HR Record Keeping Development
Job Descriptions
Performance Appraisal
Employee Training
Employment Contracts
Background Checks


Jane Isabel Limited registered office Suite 112, Citibase Business Center, 42 - 44 Clarendon Road, WD17 1JJ, Great Britain
Registered in England and Wales, Company Registration Number 08974903